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CNC, 레이저
CNC Routers, Laser Machines
CNC Routers

The CNC router machine mainly includes electric system, actuator system and mechanical structure. The performance of the machine is directly depended on the performance of these three parts.

Model Size/Application Actuator
M Series M542+57HS13 <1200mm Screw
EM Series EM705+57HS22
ES Series ES-D508+ ES-M32320
M Series M860+86HS45 1200-1800mm Rack/Screw
DM/EM Series DM870 / EM806+86HS45
ES Series ES-D808+ES-M23440
DM Series DM1182+86HS85
>1800mm Rack
ES Series ES-D1208+ES-M23480

Laser Machines

With the development of the Laser industry, Laser Machine have applied in more and more industry such as garment, adorning, embroidery, packaging, leather product, electronic product, advertising, wood cutting model etc. In the other hand, more and more materials can be used in the laser industry such as cloth, leather, wool, acrylics, wooden product, plastic, rubber, crystal, ceramic tile, jade.

Item X Axis Y Axis
Proposal 1 EM705+57HS09 EM705+57HS22
Proposal 2 3DM683+573S09 3DM683+573S15
Proposal 3 3DM683+863S22 3DM683+863S42