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Packing, Inkjet Printers

There is an endless variety of applications in the packing industry, but one thing they have in common is a need for high throughput and efficiency. Applications demand precise motion control, multi-axis coordination and high bandwidth.

Drives Motors
ACS806 ACM604
M880A 86HS85
3DM683 863S42
EM705 57HS22
EM503 42HS03

Inkjet Printers

·Technology:Drop-On-Demand Piezo Inkjet Technology
·Print Width:1800mm
·Media Type:Rigid sheet include corrugated, foam core, gatorboard, PVC, ceramic tiles, glass, plexiglass, wood, sheet metal, etc.; Roll to roll include paper, vinyl, adhesive back vinyl, fabrics, etc Motors

Print Head Feeding Power Supply
iSV-B23130 iSV-B23130 RPS369
ACS606+BLM57130 ACS606+BLM57130 RPS369